Car insurance Dacia

Car insurance Dacia

Dacia is a car brand manufactured by the Renault group. It was created in 1966 and launched in France in 1984.

The Dacia brand has been launched in several European countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, Mexico and Brazil. It is also present in several other countries around the world. In France, it is the third best-selling car brand after Peugeot and Renault. The brand is known for its low-cost models which are very popular with French consumers. Let's see how easy it is to find a cheap Dacia car insurance that suits your needs.

What is DACIA car insurance?

DACIA is a car brand that was created in Romania and belongs to the Renault company.

The first car of the brand was launched in 1986 and since then DACIA is the leading Romanian car manufacturer.

DACIA represents an important market segment for Romanian car manufacturers, accounting for 25% of the Romanian car market. This brand is very well known throughout Europe thanks to models such as the Logan (which was the first low-cost model), Sandero or Duster.

The values promoted by this company are: "product quality", "innovation", "creativity" and "performance".

Why is it important to insure your DACIA?

Why is it important to insure your Dacia? Car insurance is a legal requirement for all motor vehicles. This insurance guarantees the repair and replacement of damaged or lost parts of your Dacia in the event of an accident. To obtain a car insurance rate, you have to take into account different parameters such as the engine power, the model of your Dacia, its age and its use.

There are different types of insurance for your DACIA: Third-party insurance which covers material damage caused by an accident, whether or not it is the fault of the driver.

The intermediate formula which meets the needs of occasional drivers and includes civil liability and assistance in the event of an accident.

The all-risk formula covers all the types of claims covered by the other formulas and also provides good compensation when the driver is not at fault.

What does DACIA car insurance cover?

DACIA car insurance offers you the same basic coverage as all other car insurances. car insurance propose.

DACIA car insurance covers the civil liability of the driver and his passengers, i.e. all the persons transported are considered as third parties and will be compensated if a bodily injury or material damage is caused to a third person.

DACIA car insurance also covers assistance - breakdown service - towing, as well as criminal defence in the event of an accident for which you are responsible.

How much does DACIA car insurance cost?

Every year, more than 1.5 million accidents are recorded on French roads.

The statistics speak for themselves: 10 % of bodily injury accidents result in death and 25 % in permanent disability. In addition, car insurance is compulsory for any motor vehicle whose speed can exceed 50 km/h.

Car insurance is a prerequisite for safe driving. It provides a certain amount of protection in the event of an accident or damage (theft, fire, etc.). Within the framework of this insurance, insurers offer various guarantees that enable the motorist and his car to be effectively protected against the risks inherent in his professional or extra-professional activity.

There are different types of car insurance with varying levels of cover: All risks (or 'all accidents'); Property damage; Fire and theft; Civil liability (damage caused to others); Theft alone or with glass breakage; 0 km assistance.

How to take out DACIA car insurance?

How to take out DACIA car insurance?

Are you looking for a DACIA car insurance? You should know that it is a contract that protects you from various risks. A car insurance is taken out to cover damage caused by the car itself as well as damage to the driver.

Car insurance covers the reimbursement of medical expenses, compensation for injuries sustained in an accident and material damage to your vehicle.

The contract can also include a civil liability guarantee, which compensates third party victims of accidents caused by the driver. If you wish to insure your DACIA, do not hesitate to use our online comparison tool to receive several personalised quotes in less than 2 minutes. Trust's partner insurers to choose the formula best suited to your profile and benefit from the best offers on the market! You can also consult our articles on car insurance: How to choose your car insurance? What to do in the event of an at-fault accident without a joint report? What will my insurance cost if I change my car?

What to do in the event of an accident with your DACIA?

Have you had an accident with your Dacia? You should inform your insurer as soon as possible.

It is advisable to report the claim online, as reporting by telephone may take longer.

The damaged vehicle must then be repaired as soon as possible. A car expert can also visit the site to estimate the extent of the work to be done. In many cases, the invoice will be sent to the owner of the damaged vehicle. This allows the glass breakage guarantee to be invoked immediately, which will cover the costs of repairs and any replacement of damaged or broken parts.

The advantages of taking out DACIA car insurance

By taking out a DACIA car insurance policy, you are guaranteed to be protected in the event of a claim.

This will allow you to be compensated in the event of theft or breakdown.

Most insurers offer three different types of insurance: - Third-party insurance, which covers material damage and bodily injury. - Intermediate insurance, which covers material and bodily damage but also the insured vehicle itself. - Comprehensive insurance, which covers all parts of the insured vehicle (material and body). This type of insurance is often accompanied by a higher excess than the other types of insurance.

Dacia car insurance is the same as for all other cars, i.e. it includes compulsory cover such as theft or fire. But it also includes optional coverages such as collision damage or glass breakage.


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