How to choose a lubricant for your sex toys 

How to choose a lubricant for your sex toys

To promote uncomplicated sexual intercourse, lubrication is often used. The use of lubricants helps to relieve discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

The lubricant is also essential when using a sextoy, whether it is female or male.

The choice of a quality lubricant must be made taking into account, among other things, its components and its intended use.

How to choose a lubricant for your sex toys 

The criteria for choosing a lubricant for sextoy 

When choosing a lubricant, there are certain criteria you should consider. These are 

  • the nature of the ingredients;
  • the type of activity you want to use it for;
  • to know the different types of lubricants.

The choice of lubricant should also be made according to your personal preference. 

Nature of the ingredients 

Knowing the composition of the lubricant is very important. It will avoid you to make crises of allergy. Imagine that you find yourself in company of a beautiful lady and that to pass to the act, the glycerin contained in the lubricant stops you. A wonderful moment wasted. The worst thing is that you will develop an allergy. 

Some lubricants contain glycerin, propylene glycol, oils. Make sure you have enough information before you buy them. Sexual pleasure yes, but your health is paramount. 

Type of activity you want to use it for

There are several types of lubricants. Each of them has its own advantages. For this reason, it is important to consider the activity for which you want to use it. 

If you want to make an anal plug, a silicone-based lubricant is recommended. It does not dry quickly and your partner will feel comfortable. Water-based lubricant without glycerine is not recommended for this purpose as it dries very quickly. The tissues of the anus are not as naturally lubricated as the vagina. It is important to lubricate these tissues sufficiently. 

For a vaginal intercourse, also privilege the lubricant containing silicone or containing natural oil. 

The choice of your lubricant must be made according to your sexual activity. 

Different types of lubricants

There are several types of lubricants to suit your needs. Each of them is composed of a different base:

  • water with glycerine ;
  • water without glycerine ;
  • silicone;
  • synthetic oil ;
  • natural oil
  • etc.

The base is important because it determines the use of the lubricant in question.

Water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricants are available with or without glycerin. Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a sugar alcohol.

Water-based lubricants with glycerine

They are easy to rinse and easy to clean. They are compatible with condoms. Water and glycerine based lubricants can be used with almost any sex toy, even silicone.

Because they stay slippery longer, gels are well suited for anal sex and fisting. They also taste sweeter. However, they can be sticky on the skin, especially when they dry out. They don't last as long as silicone but last longer than non-glycerin lubricants.

Water and glycerine based lubricants can stain some linens and towels. They are especially not recommended for sensitive women or those suffering from chronic yeast infections.

Water-based lubricants without glycerine

These types of lubricants offer multiple benefits:

  • are easily rinsed off the body;
  • are easy to clean;
  • are compatible with condoms;
  • can be used with almost any sex toy, even silicone.
  • do not weaken health like yeast infections.

Water-based lubricants without glycerine have  often tend to dry out more quickly than other types of lubricants. They are also sticky on the skin. Unlike silicone, they do not last. Creamy or non-glycerin lubricants often taste bitter.

Silicone-based lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants last longer than water-based lubricants and are more like oil. They are very economical because you only need to use a few drops. 

The silicone-based lubricant is compatible with condoms and never sticks. It stays in place in water. It can be used for massages because it does not dry out. Despite its many advantages, silicone lubricant can compromise the integrity of some brands of silicone toys. 

They are more difficult to rinse, especially outside the vagina, and tend to cost more for the same amount.

Oil-based lubricants 

Oil-based lubricants can destroy latex condoms. They can be used safely with nitrile, polyisoprene or polyurethane condoms.

Natural oil based lubricants

These lubricants can often be found in your kitchen. They can be used safely on the vulva and in the vagina. The body can eliminate natural oils more easily than petroleum-based lubricants. Some oils, such as grapeseed and apricot, tend to be thin and therefore better for vaginal sex.

Personal preference

If you like the smell of strawberries, choose a strawberry lubricant. To have a good sexual intercourse, you must be in good conditions. You need to feel comfortable and enjoy what you're doing. That's why you should choose a lube that you like. Devour your partner in the most beautiful way. There are several flavors of lubricants, make the right choice. 

How to choose a lubricant for your sex toys 

Advantages of using a lubricant 

Using a lubricant has several advantages. Whether with your partner or with a sextoy, lubricants allow you to be relaxed. 

During sexual intercourse, it can happen that you do not get enough water in your vagina. Your vagina will be dry and you will feel pain during penetration. Under these conditions, the lubricant plays its role perfectly. 

All you have to do is pass a few drops of the lubricant over the vaginal opening and over your partner's penis. The penetration will be easy and painless. You will feel only pleasure. The smell of the lubricant will be also pleasant for you. 

For an anal intercourse, the use of lubricant is recommended. They allow to lubricate the anus for more pleasure. With sex toys, you just need to pass a dab of lubricant on the toy and it's done. The lubricant gives you a better sensation, a good penetration and especially to avoid the risks of rupture. 

The best lubricants

Several varieties of lubricant can be used on sex toys. These are

  • bio joydivision bioglide lubricant;
  • lubrix anal gel;
  • durex play intimate lubricating care;
  • durex play massage oil with aloe vera;
  • etc. 

These different lubricants have different prices and applications. The durex play massage oil with aloe vera for example is excellent for those who like to be massaged during foreplay. It costs 7,99 ? and is available in 200 ml tube. 

The durex play intimate lubricating care is recommended for women with vaginal dryness. It is sold at 6,99 ? and is in tube of 50 ml. The anal gel lubrix is recommended for anal intercourse. It is 4.90 ? and available in 50 ml tube. It does not contain paraben. 

Quel est le meilleur sextoy à utiliser avec du lubrifiant ?

Il n’existe pas une réponse universelle. En effet, tout va dépendre de votre expérience avec les sextoys, de vos envies et aussi de votre budget. 

Commençons par le critère de l’expérience avec les sextoys. Vous n’aurez pas les mêmes attentes si c’est votre premier ou bien si vous êtes expert en la matière. 

Si vous êtes novice en la matière, le monde du sextoy doit vous paraître très vaste et il peut être difficile pour vous de faire un choix. 

Pour vous aider, vous pouvez vous poser des questions sur vos découverte sexuelles. Avec ce sextoy, voulez vous découvrir de nouveaux plaisirs ou bien continuer à explorer ce que vous connaissez déjà ?

Une chose est sûre, vous pourrez découvrir l’orgasme grâce à ces conseils pour choisir le sextoy fait pour vous.

Le deuxième critère concerne vos envies et rejoint la question précédente. De quoi avez vous envie avec ce sextoy ? Qu’imaginez vous lorsque vous pensez à votre futur sextoy ?

Avez-vous envie d’un modèle vibrant ? Réaliste ? Connecté ?

Vos envies peuvent également être reliées à votre sexe. En effet, certains sextoys sont spécialisées pour les femmes et d’autres pour les hommes. 


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