Vibrators for men

Vibrators and anal plugs for men

Vibrators for menContrary to popular belief, vibrators are not only for women. Men can also use them to get pleasure. There are several categories of male vibrators with specific functions. They can be used solo or in couple. Here is a selection of the best vibrators for men to help you choose one that suits you.

Boners vibrating Handjob

This vibrator for men only has 10 adjustable vibration modes. It is a rechargeable masturbator with a USB charging cable. This device is suitable for all men. It is also recommended to men who have erection problems. 

This vibrator for men is made of soft silicone and covered with soft ridges inside. This one gives an intense stimulation. With its 10 vibration modes, you will surely discover the one that suits you. 

To use it, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant. First, press the power button for a few seconds. Then press the same button if you want to turn around. Finally, the masturbator should be placed around the penis and the movements should be from top to bottom. 

It has multiple advantages:

  • powerful engine;
  • 10 vibration modes;
  • rechargeable with USB cable ;
  • easy to use;
  • suitable for men with urethral problems;
  • flexible silicone ;
  • easy to clean.

It can be cleaned with warm water. You can also use a toy cleaner like EasyGlide or an antibacterial soap.

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

This vibrator is suitable for both men and women. This device is suitable for couples who like to discover new sensations. It is designed with a soft silicone head that can rotate 180°. It is a versatile erotic tool that is suitable both when you are alone and in couple.

It has an insertable rod that vibrates at 10 intensities, each of which can be combined. Thanks to its IP*7 waterproof finish, it can be used in the shower or bathtub.

This multifunctional vibrator has more than 30 applications and 100 possible combinations. This device is equipped with a powerful silent motor in whisper mode. It is equipped with a USB cable to recharge its battery.

These strengths are:

  • 3 powerful engines;
  • 2 motors that can be controlled separately;
  • easy to clean ;
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery ;
  • with a magnetic cable for charging.

This vibrator has good vibrations that can give you unforgettable sensations.

Pocket Pulse remote from Hot Octopuss

The Pocket Pulse vibrator for men only has two solid vibrating motors. It is one of the few sex toys that can be used on an erect or resting penis. To use it when your penis is at rest, simply insert your penis and the Pocket Pulse will do the rest.

This device with its unique size is completely waterproof and can therefore also be used in the shower and even in a jacuzzi. With its weight of 0.2 kg, it is very easy to handle.

This vibrator is equipped with a remote control usable at a distance. Thanks to its flexible arm, it is maintained around your penis. It gives you an unexpected sensation during masturbation. 


Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2

This vibrator is suitable for men, women and couples. With 3 powerful motors, you can perform more than 100 possible combinations. It is one of the best sex toys in the collection of versatile vibrators.

It has more than 14 different ways to be used. Totally waterproof, it will give you more pleasure in the shower and even more in the bathtub. Its 3 discreet and silent motors can be used wherever you want.

It has many other advantages such as

  • has a minimum 10 year warranty;
  • more than 14 possible applications;
  • with two separately controllable motors.

This device still called Endless Joy has a smooth surface, which is soft for the body. It is completely waterproof. 

Hueman Uranus Anal

This wireless anal vibrator with remote control from Hueman is a prostate stimulator. This one is specially designed to allow men to feel a maximum of sensation. Its curved and tapered shaft provides a lot of sensation to the prostate. The lower part of this device ensures that the perineum is also stimulated.

It is a medium-sized prostate vibrator. It is very easy to insert, especially with its narrow lower part and its soft and narrow silicone material.

It is designed with 10 different vibration modes, 4 speeds and 6 patterns. All its functions are easy to configure using the wireless remote control. The remote control is battery operated and can be used up to 8m away. This means that if your partner is less than 8m away with this vibrator, you can play with him from a distance.

These assets are:

  • a wireless remote control ;
  • 10 possible settings;
  • discreet shipment. 

This vibrating sextoy is completely waterproof and can be recharged with a USB cable. In addition, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant and to clean it after each use.

Vibrating anal plug

It is designed for the use of the man or the woman. This one has for role to massage the prostate. 

This anal vibrator works with one AAA battery. It is made with high quality materials so that its silicone is odorless and is very easy to clean. It has up to 10 vibration frequencies that will allow you to discover new sensations.

Fun Factory Duke

The Duke vibrator is one of the best vibrators for prostate. It has a removable vibrating unit that controls 6 modes of vibration. Duke also has a very advanced technology that allows it to give pleasure to all its users.

It also has a magnetic USB cable that allows you to recharge it. In addition, it is designed with the best silicone suitable for intimate pleasures, odorless and waterproof.

These positives are:

  • easy to clean ;
  • capable of stimulating the prostate and the perineum simultaneously;
  • medical silicone made in Germany;
  • Rechargeable by CLICK?N?Charge technology;
  • totally waterproof. 

HUGO from Lelo

This vibrator from Lelo is the most powerful and luxurious vibrator. It is designed to give maximum pleasure to its user. It also has a remote control to control it. 

It has 8 vibration modes and a unique Sens Motion technology. Totally waterproof, one of its motors massages the prostate in depth and the other stimulates the perineum.

These benefits are:

  • a very good design;
  • two powerful engines;
  • A full one-year warranty and a 10-year quality warranty;
  • 8 vibration modes.

Thanks to its remote control, it has a range of 12 meters.

Lovense hush

Hush is a fully programmable remote control vibrator that can be programmed with a large number of vibration levels. This sextoy, thanks to its integrated software, allows you to customize a large number of vibration levels. It guarantees you the best sensations adapted to your needs.

It can also be used discreetly in public. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and with Android in Bluetooth 4.0. This device is ideal for both experts and beginners. Hush by Lovense allows you to control the degree of stimulation of your partner from a distance. 

Among its advantages, we can cite:

  • a powerful engine;
  • its very low noise level;
  • an easy-to-use application;
  • its wireless remote control;
  • the intense vibrations it provides.

The Hush and all other products from Lovense are currently on special offer:

This sextoy is programmable on 3 levels and contains up to 10 programming patterns. The Hush comes with a hush anal plug, a USB charging cable, and a user guide.


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