The best silent anal vibrators for men

The best silent anal vibrators for men

Created for anal sexual arousal for men and women, the anal vibrator differs from others in its functionality and performance. Good to counter the prostate, this tool is of an intense softness in its operation. 

Vector, We-Vibe

With its firm flexibility and gentle movement, this vibrator is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Made of Silicone and without phthalates, this tool is waterproof and connected. It can be used in combination with any type of lubricant.

Its vibration speed is moderate, which allows you to enjoy a sensual pleasure. Quite silent, you can make use of it in all discretion. It is rechargeable by USB. This vibrator can be used remotely depending on where you are.

Its maintenance is very simple. After use, simply clean it with a damp washcloth. The use of hot water is preferable to eradicate bacteria.

Then store it carefully in its supplied pouch, which protects it from any external element. It will be easily transportable when you travel.

Smooth Mover, Lovehoney

Also made with Silicone, this anal vibrator is soft and quietly promotes hypoallergenic anal play. It has a single button for use. It is also equipped with :

  • three speeds ;
  • seven vibration modes for maximum sensation and good anal action.

This vibrator is ideal for any anal experimentation. You can use it to excite the clitoris or to sharpen your sex life. It works with 1×AAA battery. Waterproof, this vibrator will not fail to satisfy you.

Its use facilitated by the provision of a single button will allow you to explore all the possibilities in all simplicity, even if you are not experienced in the control of sex toys.


This remote control rechargeable vibrator is the best for avoiding the prostate. Made of silicone, it is also waterproof and suitable for anal massage and more. Firm and without latex, it is very soft to the touch. 

If you don't want to attract the attention of your family and friends, you can do without the remote control. This vibrator is able to give you a great service in all discretion.

Equipped with a curved shaft to watch the prostate, it has like the previous vibrator 7 modes of vibration very stimulating. To diversify your sensual infatuation, you can change the vibration mode by choosing the one that suits you. If you want silence, tumult or softness, it will satisfy you.

The best silent anal vibrators for men

Pleasure Probe, Lovehoney

Without phthalates and latex, this vibrator is remarkably flexible like the previous ones. Very pleasant to the touch, it will not leave you indifferent.

This mini vibrator is equipped with a speed at three moments and seven modes of vibration. Very singular, because of its prostatic character, it is equipped with three silicone bulbs. With a slight T-shaped insertion part, this vibrator allows you to better control the place you want for massage or pressure. It can be applied to any other area besides the anal area, as you wish.

Prostate stimulator, Desire 

This vibrator whose structure is similar to the letter L, facilitates its insertion. The horizontal side with which it is provided, allows your perineum to fully enjoy the different vibrations for an additional desire. 

Still with three speeds and seven types of vibration, it is also rechargeable and even remote-controlled. Waterproof, it requires one hour of charging for an ideal and quality operation.

The intimate play tool in question is flexible and made of silicone. 

The use of a lubricant is not a problem. As for its maintenance, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is sufficient. 

Its use is very intuitive, you can easily adjust it according to the rhythm you want to reach the desired level of pleasure.

The best silent anal vibrators for men

Loki Wave, Lelo

Rechargeable with a duration of two hours in a row, this vibrator is considered a luxury item. It is also impressive in terms of the number of modes of vibration (10 modes of vibration, each with a level of intensity that can be customized), this sensational tool has a very singular ergonomics.

In terms of feel, this anal vibrator is firm, flexible and made of silicone. In case you want silence, you can set the tool to the silent vibration that suits you.

Prostate stimulator, Mantric

Also made from silicone, this anal vibrator has many sensational qualities. Very flexible, it is also extra quiet. It can therefore be used anywhere with complete discretion.

Apart from the anal application, this vibrator is versatile. It can be used as a companion to masturbation but also as a preventive measure against the prostate. The remote control with which it is equipped is suitable for the diversification of pleasures.

Butt Tingler, Lovehoney

Like other vibrators, it is supported by 7 vibration modes and 3 speeds. With a flared T-shaped base, it limits the length of insertion too advanced. It is highly recommended for couples, who will enjoy a little sensual play together for an intense pleasure.

It is latex and phthalate free and waterproof. It is compatible with any type of lubricant. To clean it, a simple blow of washcloth moistened with hot water will be enough to get rid of any dirt.

Equipped with a removable mini vibrator, this vibrator can be used independently for anal games without vibration.


With a single button that facilitates the use, this vibrator has thick and ribbed dimensions with 10 modes of vibration. 

On the sensational side, this vibrator made of silicone offers extraordinary flexibility. It works with batteries not included.

Double O Heaven

This anal vibrator has a double vibrating and multifunctional dildo penetration. 

It is not usable in solo, your partner will have to wear it to make you benefit from it. 

Accompanied by a single button remote control for subtle use, it has like some vibrators three speeds and seven modes of vibration.

The anal vibrator in question has a particularity of resistance to splashes. Made from silicone, it is latex and phthalate free. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch. It can be used with any type of lubricant without problem. Its maintenance, as for him, is very simple. A warm washcloth will be enough to clean it completely so that it is ready for a next use.

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